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Any organization worth being a part of has a “code of ethics” that helps it members to all be on the same page as it were. I have read many codes of ethics, e.g. APA code of ethical conduct and ACA code of ethics. Now that I am in the Early Childhood profession there is a new code of ethics. The codes of ethics in early childhood are much shorter and less technical than those of psychology and counseling but no less important. After reading over some of the codes I have navigate more towards the NAEYC code of ethical conduct. Among some of the many ideals I can relate to, here are but a few: 

  • 1-3A.1 – To establish and maintain relationships of respect, trust, confidentiality, collaboration and cooperation with coworkers. *I have many jobs over the course of my life and if I did not have a good relationship with my co-workers, I did not enjoy my job and my work suffered. In early childhood, it would be the children who suffer.
  • 1-3A.2 – To share resources with coworkers, collaborating to ensure that the best possible early childhood care and education program is provided. * This is especially important to me since I am new to the early childhood profession. 
  • 1-3B.1 – To assist the program in providing the highest quality of service. * This is especially important to me since I am working with children with autism. What we do makes a huge difference in their lives. 
  • 1-4..4 – To work through education, research and advocacy toward a society in which all young children have access to high-quality early care and education programs. 

These are just a few of the ideals in this code of ethics but it does not mean that these are the only ones I believe in. It would be very beneficial to anyone who is interested in the early childhood profession. 


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