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My birth experience with my second child was an interesting one. I lived in Amarillo, TX and was having my second son, Tyler. The hospital we were having him at did a great job preparing my nearly 4 year-old, Chris, to be a big brother. He attended “Big Brother” class where he was taught how to hold a new baby, change diapers and feed them. He was so cute because he thought he was a baby expert. 🙂 I had to have a scheduled cesarian because Tyler was breach. The hospital allowed Chris to ride with me all the way to the doors of the operating room and then he watched from a window while Tyler was birthed (don’t know if that is the correct word for it but you get the drift). Once Tyler got here, I was feeling a little sick from the anesthesia so they took Tyler past me and straight to meet his big brother waiting just outside the doors. He was the first one to hold Tyler besides the hospital staff! Partly because of this experience, he was very protective of his baby brother, at least for a while.

After doing research on childbirth around the world, I was a little shocked to find that the U.S. did not even make the top 10 of best countries to have a baby. This may be because of my ethnocentrism but I guess that is natural. I found it difficult to get any hard statistics but here is what I found: It is not very common for women here to give birth at home but in other countries this is much more common.  For example, in the Netherlands it is more common to give birth at home. When a women becomes pregnant she is referred to a midwife and not a doctor and is required to obtain an at home birthing kit. To read more about this here is a great link from “Parents” on Birth Customs Around the World.



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  1. Chasity Rickards said:

    The birthing experience of your second son seems like it was quite an adventure for your son Tyler as well. To have that much support from a hospital in your community is wonderful.

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