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The 21st century has brought us all kinds of exciting new things from computers that will fit in our hands to advances in medical technologies such as MRI as a diagnostic tool.  Yet, it seems that nutrition seems to be worse than 30 years ago. We pay extra for “organic” foods because our foods are being genetically modified to yield more and last longer but they are killing us.


Because foods are being genetically engineered, more can be grown and so the costs of many foods are cheaper. This has increased the rise of fast foods and prepared foods and they are cheap. McDonald’s, Sonic and other fast food restaurants have dollar menus and it is much cheaper and easier to buy frozen pizzas, corn dogs and other tasty foods than make salads, and cooks healthy meals. More and more kids are growing up on fast food because our lives have become so busy and it is a cheap easy meal that parents know their kids are going to eat without complaint. The consequences to this are kids that are malnourished and overweight. The worse our economy gets the worse nutrition seems to be. I work with autistic children and there has been talk, and some inconclusive studies that link genetically engineered food and autism. For more on this go here:


This may be part of the problem in combination with genetics and environmental factors. If this is the case, more and more children are going to be diagnosed with autism. Currently 1 in 88 children are diagnosed and it is a very difficult disorder to treat and many autistic people will never live independent lives. This is heartbreaking to me! I would LOVE to be out of a job because a cure for autism is found but until then we need to look at ALL the scenarios and do our best to avoid possible antecedents.


Nutrition has always been an issue around the world, especially in developing countries such as many African nations.  With climate changes, there is more draught and floods than ever before causing malnutrition become rampant!  An article from LCU goes more in-depth on this subject. To read, go here:


We need to be aware of the issues with GE foods and make eating healthy a priority. The problem I see with our society is that we would rather have the latest technology or live in the biggest house and nutrition seems to be far down on our list of priorities! But if we don’t start being more aware of what we put in our mouths, we aren’t going to live long enough to enjoy all the advances in technology and have a long healthy life.


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