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Childhood Stressors

For this blog I have to talk about stressors in childhood. The only really big stressor from my childhood would have to be when my big sister developed epilepsy from a car accident we had one summer. Because of a brain injury, she began to have grand mal seizures. When she began having them, I stopped sleeping much for nearly two years because I was worried she would have a seizure while I was sleeping because she nearly always had them at night. I guess in my young mind I thought that if I stayed awake, she would be fine. I never told anyone that I was staying up, I just did. She snored in her sleep so as long as I could hear her snore I knew she was okay. Looking back, I wish I had confided in someone because first of all, I lost a lot of sleep and my schoolwork suffered and I was very skinny. I could not eat when I worried.  I still care that anxiety that if my loved ones are not safe at home I don’t sleep. I worry until I know they are home, even when my oldest son did not live at home, he knew to let me know he was okay or I would worry.


The fact that I worried so much about my sister, I was loosing a lot of sleep and cognitively I was not at my best in school and so my schoolwork suffered. I guess it did not suffer enough for my parents to worry too much about me but I remember not being able to concentrate in school because I was so tired. Biosocially, I lost weight and I did not have any to loose. I was a skinny child but during these years, I became very skinny. I finally, began to sleep more and worry less as my sister stopped having seizures as much once they got her medication right and after awhile she quite having them at all. This was over about a six-years. Even though it was my sister who was having medical issues and I never said anything to my parents about how I felt, it was still a difficult time in my life. Looking back I should have said something and not tried to be my sister’s protector. That is what parents are for and kids should not have to assume this role. Unfortunately, this was back before computers and Internet; a time when information was much more difficult to obtain. This day and age it is much easier for even fairly young kids to find out about just about anything.

For a good resource on childhood stressors you can go to:



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  1. I appreciated hearing about one of your childhood stressors and how it affected you. It’s interesting how we can look back and see how we handled it then, as a child, and see how it relates to the information we are now learning. It shows me how our experiences in childhood really do affect us then, and now.

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