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Relationship Reflection

Relationships are important to me because it gives me someone to relate to and spend time with. My friends and family love me unconditionally and I them. We take care of one another and have the other’s back. Without the relationships in my life, I would be lonely, hopeless, brokenhearted…etc…

My friend Catalina is one the people in my life that has a positive influence on me. She cares about me, and never lies to me. She gives me the honest truth and wants to see me happy. Whenever I feel sad or down about my self, I can talk to her or spend time with her and she makes me feel better.

In order for a relationship to be positive, both people need to give and take. It cannot be one sided. When only one person in a relationship does all the giving, it does not last long. It is only when both people are willing to do their share that the relationship grows and is long lasting.

One of the challenges of maintaing a relationship is finding time in one’s busy life to keep up with the other person and remain present in their life. I am very guilty of this. I get so tied up in my own life between school, and work and family and just trying to get some time to myself that I don’t take the time to keep up with my friends and what is going on in their lives. Then, I wonder why my friends don’t call me or ask me to do something with them.

Over the years I have learned that if I am not an active participant in my relationships, they do not last and I am not happy. Because of this, it has made me recognize what it takes to maintain relationships and make me better at my job. I know that if I am going to have the people I work with trust me, I need to be there for them, listen when they talk to me, and be an active participant in the work relationship.


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